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Fact: Only a fraction of a site’s backlinks actually help it rank.

And in a world where 3rd party metrics (DA, DR) can be easily inflated for $20 on Fiverr, it’s impossible to know if a link will have any ranking effect at all. But what if you could…

Build Links From Pages That Already Rank

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And pay less than SEO agencies to place them!

Here’s how this works…

The current reality:

Backlinks Now Matter More Than Ever...

Up until recently, it was almost a bragging point for many website publishers to claim that they didn’t do any linkbuilding.

The whole niche site strategy was to focus entirely on publishing content, let Google index some of the initial pages, and then watch as small trickles of long-tail traffic grew month over month.

And for a long time, this worked like gangbusters.

Then, almost overnight – everything changed. In reaction to the tsunami of AI-generated content filling the SERPs, Google had to make drastic changes to its ranking algorithm.

Namely, off-site authority signals are suddenly much more important, the main one being backlinks from relevant, established websites.

This is why all of a sudden, we see authority sites like Forbes ranking for virtually everything.

And it’s also why getting ranked in 2024 and beyond now means building backlinks, period. Simply publishing content by itself is no longer going to result in search traffic. 

But not all backlinks are born equal…

Did you know:

Most 'High DA' Guest Posts Aren't Even Indexed...

This might come as a surprise, but getting an article published on an authority site (with a link back to your website) often has zero SEO value, because that article is likely not even indexed.

We actually ran a study on this from our internal data across hundreds of agency clients, and this is what we found:

Backlinks Examined Avg Domain DA Backlinks Indexed BL's Indexed %



We were blown away – so we did an even deeper data dive, and what we discovered was even more shocking. Of those links that were on pages that were actually indexed by Google, only 12% of those indexed pages were actually ranking for at least one keyword!

What this means is that between 84-88% of supposedly ‘high DA’ links – links that we’ve all been paying good money for – are literally worthless. And yes, this is just our internal data, but it’s not a stretch to assume that this ratio is probably pretty common no matter where you look across the SEO industry.

Now, the point here isn’t that “we need to get those articles indexed”. The point is that 3rd-party metrics like DA, DR, and whatever other analysis rating becomes popular in the future are just guesses. They don’t reflect the actual PageRank of a given URL, which only Google knows. 

And they certainly don’t reflect the “ranking power” of a given link.

So how do we know whether a link can actually help your site rank?

CONFIRMED: The Only Metric That Matters...

Many years ago, Google used to make its PageRank data public, so you could easily see whether a specific webpage would actually pass “rank juice”. But the last public update was in 2013, and we’ve basically been flying blind ever since.

Many other tools have tried to step in and fill the void, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s all just educated guessing at this point.

So that leaves us with the only real-life, measurable indication that Google sees a page as being relevant and valuable…

It’s a very simple test: Does the page rank in Google’s results for X keyword?


If the answer is “yes”, then you can be confident that Google is going to view a link from that page as a very strong ranking signal.

In fact, this now appears to be directly confirmed in the recent leaks to the media by a Google insider, who revealed that Google indeed assigns different “weights” to each URL in its index; only pages that actually get traffic are going to pass meaningful PageRank.

See the highlighted sections:


Again, this is why getting links from pages that actually rank for relevant keywords is so critical. They’re getting relevant traffic from Google’s own SERPs, which indicates a “trusted” source which will pass PageRank.

Okay… so far so good. But there’s just one problem…

How do I actually place my links on pages that rank in Google for my target keywords?


Link Prospector

Access the world’s largest database of already-ranking pages where you can place your backlinks…

  • Search 3.25M+ ranking URLs
  • These are URLs spread across thousands of publishers who we’ve worked with directly
  • Ideal keywords in almost every niche market
  • Get access to webmaster contact info & see prices we’ve paid in the past
  • Since you’re skipping all the middlemen, pay as little as $50 per insertion!
  • These normally cost at least $500+ each from a backlink platform – if they even offer them!

Watch as your sites predictably climb the SERPs now that 100% of your backlinks are provably valued by Google.

Link Prospector is much more than a database – it’s the culmination of building relationships with thousands of website publishers over the last decade.

And we also update the database with new publishers, fresh ranking metrics, and other key data changes (eg. contact info) every month. 

But to maintain the incredible value of this resource, we have to be careful about how it’s used, and how many people can use it at a given time. 

For this reason, we’ve designed Link Prospector to be ideal for actual end-user SEO’s: niche site publishers, solo SEO consultants, and so on.

Link Prospector is not designed for agencies, bulk resellers or large scale publishers.

I think it’s about time the underdogs had an unfair advantage… don’t you?

So here’s how we make sure you get an unfair advantage…

How Link Prospector Works:

Let’s break down how the service works, and what you actually get as a member…

You start by searching the database for your site’s most valuable keywords. This will pull up all the URLs that are currently ranking in Google for those types of keywords…


From here, you can some basic details about each page, including the top keyword it ranks for currently, the number of other keywords it ranks for, and the country where it ranks for those terms.

Usually, the more keywords a page ranks for, the more authoritative the root domain.

You want to look for keywords that best match the most valuable type of visitor to your own website. In this example, if you’re promoting a gold bullion service, then I’d focus on pages that rank for keywords like “how do I buy gold bars”, etc.

When you find some interesting pages, you can click the View button to see the full URL. From there, if all looks good, you can optionally expand the URL’s full details and get details like:

  • Our contact person (name, email) for doing link insertions
  • Our average placement price

Along with a full backlink profile picture, pulled in from multiple data sources. Here’s a real example from the ‘buy gold’ search…


Obviously, we can’t just provide unlimited access to the full URLs or expanded details, or else we’re just one unscrupulous user away from seeing the whole database swiped – and then all of our publishers will be bombarded with spam. 

Everyone loses in that scenario.

So in order to keep this insanely valuable for members, we’ve designed the platform as follows…

Benefits Specifics

Database Searches

Unlimited. See basic page data for any keyword search. However, root domains & contact + pricing details are hidden.

Monthly Credits

500. Resets back to 500 on the 1st of each month. (Unspent credits expire, they don’t carry over).

Domain Reveals

2 credits. Reveal the full URL of a given page so you can check it out.

Full Reveals

5 credits. Reveal the contact info & suggested pricing for a given page

Outreach Opportunities

71 /mo. The maximum number of full reveals each member gets each month. This is plenty for solo’s and small teams - remember that these sites actively sell link insertions, you don’t have to “convince” them.

Max Member Cap

100. We’re starting off very conservatively for now. We want to see how things go in the overall ecosystem before raising this cap.

Again, we’ve designed this to be the ultimate SEO weapon for small publishers & solo SEO’s – but at the same time, not viable for agencies, resellers or large scale publishers.

We are purposely throttling access to the database to maintain its value, otherwise it would just be overrun, and the sites in our database would become diluted (and overwhelmed with link requests).

Optional: DFY Link Placements

Don’t feel like doing your own outreach? As a member, you can also order Done-For-You placements within the platform at a cost of $150 per successful link insertion. You can place up to 10 DFY orders per month.

All you have to do is provide your target keywords, and we’ll find a page that’s ranking for it in our database, do the outreach, and get the link placed for you.

Again, we limit this to 10/mo per member to keep Link Prospector exclusively for ‘underdogs’.

Membership Details

We’re going to start initial memberships at just $83/mo ($995/yr) $58/mo ($695/yr) if you get in during this launch!

The price goes back to normal on Friday, June 21st at exactly 11:59 PM PST.

Considering that on average, links like these – that actually rank in Google’s SERPs for your target keywords – will run you at least $400 – $500+ per link from any other platform or agency service, this is a total no-brainer.

Again, with Link Prospector you are literally paying as little as $50 to place your link on a ranked page. And you can build dozens of links like this every month. Links that would otherwise cost at least $400-$500+, each.

The annual membership literally pays for itself after your 3rd link is placed…

Anyway, I’m either preaching to the choir or the hopeless at this point, so I’ll get on with it 😉

Key Questions

At least once per month, however, new sites + pages are added in real time as we continue building relationships with new publishers.

Placing backlinks generally takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on your keywords & available inventory.

The most common reason is because you’re logged into, and your searches are being personalized. Another reason is because you might be searching a keyword that is geo-specific, meaning you’ll see different SERPs depending on where your IP is based.

The other reason is that Google’s rankings are constantly in flux, and rankings shift up/down all the time. We use Ahrefs ‘top keywords’ data to determine where these URLs are ranking, which they update periodically.

Bottom line: These pages either currently rank or have very recently ranked highly in Google’s SERPs for their top keyword; which is still the ultimate backlink metric for SEO’s.

If your site is new, then for the first ~6 months, your traffic is going to be very sporadic and inconsistent. It’s likely just going to be a trickle in the beginning. This is normal. It takes awhile for Google to figure out where your site “belongs” in its index.

But over time, as you continue to publish new content, build new links, and deliver positive behavioral signals (decent dwell time, low bounce rates, etc), you’ll start seeing your avg. position in the SERPs creep upward, and your search traffic increase.

And we know that building links from pages that Google clearly values (per its SERPs), for your target keywords, is going to have an impact on how your own website is valued.


Our job is to do everything possible to maximize your odds of SEO success, by providing access to the most valuable type of backlinks possible.

But ultimately, we don’t control what Google does or doesn’t do, and we also can’t control the industry where your site will participate in, nor your site’s history / existing backlink profile, along with various other factors.

All things being equal, quality, relevant backlinks are going to help a site that’s of high quality, tightly relevant to its target keywords, and doesn’t have any headwinds or major issues.

But SEO is complex, and there are many factors involved beyond just backlinks. Backlinks are the fuel, but they won’t help a site that isn’t otherwise optimized properly.

We can’t provide refunds for database access. This is a proprietary database that has taken us years to curate, and in the right hands, it’s a goldmine.

Please ensure that you understand what you’re actually buying before becoming a member. If you have any questions or concerns before joining, we’d be happy to assist.

No, we only bill annually.

We can’t properly gauge expected member usage, nor can we properly limit database exposure if the member base is constantly rolling over.

We want members who fully understand the massive, unfair advantage that they get with Link Prospector – and are willing to invest in their sites for the long haul.

We understand that we’ll see less members join, but that actually increases the value for everyone else.

If you don’t see an order button, don’t worry! It just means we’ve hit the current member cap.

Depending on the health of the ecosystem (growth of the database), we’ll be increasing the cap over time, in small increments. So make sure to get on the waitlist so you don’t miss out when we can intake new members!

We’ll also intake new members if/as current members decide to step aside when their annual renewal comes up.

Get Access to the Ultimate, Unfair Ranking Advantage..

In the age of AI content, the only thing that can’t be easily replicated is link-building from quality, relevant websites.

And the most valuable “authority metric” for a backlink is if it comes from a page that Google is already ranking in its SERPs.

Link Prospector gives you access to 3+ MILLION ranked pages like this, where you can place your backlinks directly for as little as $50 per insertion.

This is an absolute goldmine for any SEO with even a basic understanding of how to rank a website for valuable keywords.

These are links that sell for $400-$500 each, all day long.

You can get access to all of this for just $83/mo ($995/yr) $58/mo ($695/yr) if you get in during this launch!

The price goes back to normal on Friday, June 21st at exactly 11:59 PM PST.


Secure Your Spot

Important: Once the timer runs out, you will forever miss out on locking in launch pricing…

Note: Once the member cap is reached, you’ll see a waiting list in this box.

Last, let’s address the elephant in the room…

The Secret to Winning Big in 2024...

Many people reading this will have seen the fallout of Google’s recent algorithm changes beginning in September 2023… which is Google’s knee-jerk reaction to the explosion of AI content now flooding the internet ecosystem.

Regardless, it’s no secret that this has been challenging for many niche site owners – especially if they depend on high traffic volumes for monetization (eg. relying on display ads, or low-commission products).

Now, over the decades, we’ve seen Google take drastic measures like this many times. Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” algo updates were widely catastrophic for niche site publishers back in the 2010’s, for example. 

And it wasn’t just one-and-done. Google rolled updates & revisions to those algorithms for several years afterwards, trying to rebalance the SERPs.

Bottom line? I’ve watched SEO supposedly “die” many, many times. 

The reality is that it’s seasonal. There are “easy” seasons, “medium” seasons and “hard” seasons. We’re probably in a bit of a tougher season at the moment. But this doesn’t last forever.

At the end of the day, Google can’t just ignore what its users want. (And users don’t want SERPs that are exclusively filled with Forbes articles, Reddit threads & Wikipedia).

The secret to winning in any season is to stay consistent and focus on the fundamentals: Creating helpful, relevant content, and getting links from other relevant, helpful websites almost always pays off in spades down the road.

In fact, the hard times often clear out a ton of competition… so in that sense, there is no smarter time to be doubling-down on SEO than right now.

And building ultra-relevant backlinks is the best way to do that…


Secure Your Spot

Important: Once the timer runs out, you will forever miss out on locking in launch pricing…

Note: Once the member cap is reached, you’ll see a waiting list in this box.

Last thing: Regardless of your choice today, I truly hope we get the chance to work together down the road.

And if nothing else, I hope this page has been instructive as far as how SEO really works – and why it’s more critical than ever to build links that actually count.



Chris Rempel
Founder, The Lazy Marketer

Dave Kelly
CEO, PosiRank

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